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If he is in great physical shape then start asking questions. 

By no means do I advocate going for a guy who is completely overweight and out of shape. Those are obvious signs that your guy does not take good care of himself. There may very well be legitimate reasons if he is bigger: a recurring injury, genetics, a busy schedule that doesn’t permit for physical activity or poor eating habits. It may also just be laziness or slothfulness and you don’t want that in your life. 

On the other hand, do you really want a guy who is a complete adonis with rock hard muscles and six pack abs? Maybe that is your dream. But consider this: do you have any idea how much time a guy has to spend in the gym and how much of his life must be dedicated to improving his body for him to achieve those results? The answer is alot. Chances are if you know a guy like this he has spent more on protein shakes in the last year than you have on shoes — and that’s no good. (Those shakes also taste terrible. I dare you to try a Green Apple flavored protein shake. You have to be truly obssessed with your body to drink that swill.)

Not only does this type of guy pour all of his money into developing and maintaining his body, he spends all of his time at the gym. If he were forsaking spending time with you to go to dance clubs, would you be suspicious then? Yeah, I thought so. What about if he didn’t want to hang out with you because he was at the bar with his buddies — you have a problem with that? Again, I think I know the answer. Well, for guys like this the gym is their dance club or bar. They can hang out with their buddies under the pretense of lifting. They can flex and preen in the mirrors and show off for each other. They can go and see girls in tight clothes working out and being active. Oh, it’s bad allright.

There are certain good aspects to picking a guy in great physical shape. He won’t drink and he won’t smoke. But who knows what he is injecting himself with at the gym to enhance his muscles? Who knows how many cycles of steroids he will do or how much creatine he’ll injest. It may not matter to you now, but the chickens will come home to roost when he starts going bald early, loses a testicle to cancer or has a ‘roid rage that leaves you shaken, not stirred.


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When you were twelve or fourteen or sixteen years old, chances are the guys you knew loved to play video games. This was fine and this was expected. But, just as flowers lose their blooms so too are guys supposed to stop playing video games as they reach a certain age. I’m no expert about at what point this change is supposed to happen, but if you are interested in a guy and he cancels getting together with you because he has to meet up with his buddhies to play World of Warcraft (WoW), then you have a guy who plays video games too much. I truly hope that you never learn about WoW, for it is a death knell for a relationship (just as Dungeons and Dragons was for an earlier generation).

WoW is clearly in its own class as far as video games go. You can do your research on this or you can trust me. I recommend just taking my word for it because life is best enjoyed with as little knowledge of WoW as possible. If you come across a guy who plays WoW don’t bother going any further with the relationship. Your only chance is if you play as well. In that case you, as a level 10 Mage can make sweet computer-mediated love with your level 10 Paladin boyfriend.

Beyond WoW players, it is a little less clear at which point you have reason to be concerned. If he plays solitaire or some other trite, easy-to-pick-up game while he is at work or at home to kill time, then you are probably fine. Chances are he has perspective on where video games fit in his life. If he has an old Sony Playstation 2 or X-Box sitting in the corner gathering dust, then you are probably fine. Just be sure to check the amount of dust… (Note: if he has an original, well-preserved Nintendo, then watch out — those machines were designed to break in 1998 so he must be doing something unnatural to keep it working.) However, if he bought a brand-new Playstation 3 when it first came out, along with games and the extra controller for over $800, then beware.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for a boy who loves his toys then by all means go ahead and try your luck. But if you are looking for a guy who will treasure you and keep his hands off his controllers then back away slowly. Don’t let him sense your fear. Remember, video game players are finely-tuned killing machines, at least against pixelated threats.

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