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If he doesn’t cook, ask yourself why not.

One generation ago it was extremely rare for guys to cook. If they did it was probably limited to putting meat or potatoes on the barbeque and letting the magical device do its work. It was rare indeed for guys to be competent in a kitchen. It was more often the case that they might injure themselves or others if they stepped into the kitchen. Or maybe this was just an excuse for them to get others (read: females) to cook for them. (Note: the gender roles are reversed for chefs and cooks in restaurants where guys hold down the vast majority of jobs cooking food for customers. No one knows why. Maybe if you paid your guy $10 an hour to cook for you he gladly would.) But at home guys sat back and their partners took control.

Fast forward to present day. It is much more common for guys these days to cook or bake. It may still be uncommon for guys to be able to make a souffle or understand that the softest and brownest bananas are the best ones for banana bread, but whatever stigmas used to exist around guys cooking at home have disipated. If your guy doesn’t cook there may be legitimate reason why — maybe he has a fear of sharp implements or heat. On the other hand, maybe he is just a mama’s boy who is going to expect to be waited on hand and foot.

Now, there are many of you who are thrilled at the prospect of cooking for your guy. (Incidentally, if you would like to make dinner or dessert for me sometime I would love that!) If you count yourself in those numbers, then this post isn’t directed at you and you should get back to cooking dinner or making his lunch. But for those of you who want to share the cooking at home or would like, at least once, for your guy to make you a special meal then evaluate this carefully (Note: chicken fingers heated up in the oven, while delicious, do not count). After all, if he isn’t willing to cook for you just once, to put himself in a new and difficult position, to experiment with what he is comfortable with, then what is he going to be like in bed?


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